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Added May 3, 2019:
Alcor Case Report A-1990 Norman Hardy (PDF)

Added February 26, 2019:
Member profile: Michael Geisen

Added January 14, 2019
Alcor Case Report A-2887 Herbert Drazen (PDF)

Added January 7, 2019:
Alcor Case Report A-3079 (PDF)

Added October 25, 2018:
Cryonics Magazine November-December 2018

Added September 21, 2018:
Cryonics Magazine September-October 2018
Member profile: Michael Benjamin

Added August 4, 2018:
Cryonics Magazines January through August, 2018

Added June 27, 2018:
Alcor member profiles for David Brandt-Erichsen, Linda Chamberlain, Nancy Fisher, the Gillmann Family, and Christine Peterson

Added June 23, 2018:
Cryonics Magazines July through December 2017

Added June 17, 2018:
Article: Revival of Alcor Patients

Added May 11, 2018:
Cryonics Magazines January through June 2017

Added April 18, 2018:
Announcing the Alcor Care Trust Supporting Organization which will be working in conjunction with the Alcor Patient Care Trust