Job Opportunities at Alcor



We have an ongoing need for licensed paramedics and emergency medical technicians to join our network of Regional Transport Teams. Currently, our need is in California, Arizona, Florida, and Texas. Your participation would be on a contract basis. If selected, you will be given cryonics training that will enable you to participate in our rescue and patient transport cases. Licensed professionals do not have to be members to work with us. We welcome your expertise and interest. Applicants should email their resume to .


The Alcor Life Extension Foundation currently has an immediate opening for a Medical Response Director at our Scottsdale, Arizona, facility. The Medical Response Director is responsible for the standby, stabilization, and transport phases of cryonics. Cryonics is the experimental practice of using ultra-cold temperatures to preserve human life in a state that may be recoverable by future medicine. For over four decades Alcor has developed and implemented innovative techniques in the field of human cryopreservation. These techniques involve a combination of experimental interventions and conventional medical skills.

At Alcor, we believe that intelligence, memories, and personality are determined primarily by the structure and chemistry of the human brain. Our aim is to preserve the brain and the unique identity within it so well that advanced future technology can restore the individual to health.

The stabilization and transport phases of cryonics ideally consist of rapid cooling, administration of medications, and cardiopulmonary support to protect the brain following cardiac arrest prior to transport to Alcor. For more information about cryonics and Alcor please see our website at

Job Description:

The Medical Response Director will be responsible for the postmortem stabilization and transport of Alcor patients to Alcor’s cryopreservation facility in Scottsdale Arizona. The Medical Response Director will work with the Technical and Readiness Coordinator on the maintenance of Alcor’s existing patient standby, stabilization, and transport processes, ensuring that equipment is properly maintained for emergency deployment, field personnel are adequately trained, and that the highest quality of care is delivered to our patients. The Medical Response Director will ensure that appropriate data is collected during stabilization and transport, and write detailed timely case reports or overseeing the process for others to write the reports. Once suitably experienced in our procedures, the Medical Response Director will be responsible for improving our existing training regimen, building up local standby capabilities by recruiting medically-skilled on-call persons, updating documentation, extending regular training sessions for regional groups within the United States and overseas, and supervising the certification process for our technicians. The Medical Response Director will work with personnel at Alcor and with external physicians, scientists and consultants to ensure that procedures reflect the best available medical and scientific knowledge. The Medical Response Director will also perform the following specific tasks:

Responsibilities for Premortem Members:

1. Establish contact with Alcor member’s physician or medical facility upon terminal diagnosis.
2. Track and assess member’s condition without participating in treatment. Tracking may continue on an intermittent basis, in person or by phone.
3. Decide when the member’s condition warrants deployment of a stabilization team.
4. Organize and maintain a Standby, often in a remote location (occasionally overseas), in which cryonics transport technicians wait to perform post-mortem stabilization procedures.
5. Establish contact with local funeral homes to assist in transport preparations.
6. Interact with patients, their family and local medical personnel to ensure the timely application of Alcor’s protocol after pronouncement of legal death.

Responsibilities for Postmortem Members

1. Ensure the timely application of Alcor’s stabilization protocol, which includes surface cooling, medication administration, cardiopulmonary support, airway management, and blood washout.

2. The Medical Response Director will then supervise the transport of the patient to our facility in Scottsdale, Arizona, and possibly continue participation in the case in the operating room.

3. The Medical Response Director will be responsible for the timely preparation of detailed technical reports on the care provided to each patient, once each transport is concluded. The Medical Response Director will write some of these reports; in other cases the Medical Response Director will be responsible for gathering all relevant information and providing it to a case report writer.

This position requires out of town travel a number of weeks per year. The Medical Response Director is to be on call on a 24-hour basis for emergencies that may occur up to 12 times per year, as well as for potential emergencies that don’t result in standby, stabilization, and transport. Otherwise, normal business working hours are required.

The person we are looking for will be self-motivating, and creative, but stable and reliable in challenging situations. Our Medical Response Director must have excellent people skills to interact successfully with our member’s families and hospital personnel. Most of all, the individual must share our vision that cryonics patients require the same conscientious dedication to patient welfare as conventional medicine, even though cryonics procedures are still experimental.

This is an exciting opportunity to participate at the edges of current knowledge and feasibility, in the hope that cryopreservation of human beings will enable future resuscitation by radically advanced medicine. You will be part of one of the most difficult and ambitious scientific endeavors ever pursued.

Job Qualifications

  • Paramedic, CCP, RN, NP, PA, or MD.
  • Equivalent experience in a health field will be considered.
  • A minimum of five (5) years experience is preferred.
  • Experience in an emergency room or critical care setting is highly desirable.
  • Experience in cryonics is desirable but not essential.
  • Experience in tissue recovery is a plus.
  • Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written, are required.

Alcor offers a competitive salary and comprehensive benefits package. Employees must reside in the greater Phoenix area, or be willing to relocate to Phoenix. We will pay relocation expenses. Qualified applicants should email their resume, salary requirements, and a cover letter describing their interest and attitude toward cryonics to Marji Klima: .